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Coaching program

Mental coaching for individuals

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Modern meditation

Meditation from a scientific viewpoint

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Taking wellness to the next level

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Stress management

Personal guidance for stress control.

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Taking wellness to the next level

A disruptive program designed to improve your body and mind health investing a minimal time per day. NeuroFloat mixes coaching, modern meditation techniques and floatation in sensory deprivation tanks to boost your wellness and performance. Click play and have a glimpse on how NeuroFloat look like.


Special Meditation and Breathing Workshop

Soturi Coaching is turning 2 years old and we are going to celebrate it with a small, intimate meditation event. During this 3 hours workshop we will review and feel the benefits of meditation and we will practise breathing exercises.

  • Date: 30/09/2018 11:00
  • Location: Kasarmikatu 34 B 12, 00130 Helsinki (Map)
  • More Info: (NOTE THE NEW TIME!) There is a door-code to enter the building, you will receive it together with extra information upon registration.

Price: 33

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Fernando Guerrero, PhD, coach ACC

As a scientist I have a rational approach towards personal development and coaching. I use a mixture of brain-based methodology from the NeuroLeadership Institute with my own experience applying mind control techniques, specially tools from the Silva Method and NeuroFocus Systems. You may check my CV clicking here.

About meditation, I practise what I call meditation for rational people, using dynamic meditation as a reference. This kind of meditation is based on visualisations, in contrast with empty-your-mind from other monastic meditation styles. I explain and guide the exercises from a practical and neuroscientific point of view. You don't need to be spiritual or believe in chakras to enjoy meditation!

We organise meditation events for companies and startups. We bring meditation to the workplace to improve employees' wellness and boost their performance. Contact us for details.